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Who We Are

We are The Funding Warehouse. Bring in your “mis-fit” and unique loans to us and we will find a solution.

We lend hard money / private money for fix & flip residential deals as well as repositioning commercial deals all over California and nationwide. We pride ourselves of speed and superior service. We can lend as high as 100% (subject to equity-share).

  • Hard money loans on residential fix & flip for investors nationwide.

  • Commercial loans for acquisition and refinance of commercial properties.

  • Earnest money loans

  • Real Estate Brokerage Services for investors for residential properties in California and commercial properties nationwide.

What We Do

We have private investors that will fund your loan! Unlike institutional banks or lending outfits, we have no credit requirements.  Your request will not be denied due to bad credit scores, foreclosures, short sale, or bankruptcy.  Credit is not an issue! We offer a full range of loan types and consider every investment unique and structure each loan to suit each situation. We will find the money you need with the most competitive pricing!
The Funding Warehouse makes and arranges money loans for commercial properties, apartments, strip centers, non-owner occupied homes, industrial properties, casinos, amusement parks, hotels, unusual properties and more.
Earnest money is a deposit made by a buyer towards their down payment in evidence of good faith when the purchase agreement is signed. The earnest money becomes part of the down payment if the offer is accepted. If the offer is rejected, the earnest money is given back. Earnest money is forfeited if the buyer pulls out of the deal.

What other kind of costs should you expect during the home buying process? Lenders are required by law to provide a Good Faith Estimate of your closing costs and fees. Contact us now to get more information.

When you need bank proof of funds to enter into a financial transaction, you need to find one of the top bank guarantee providers in the area to give you a bank letter of credit in Los Angeles. The Funding Warehouse will provide you with a letter that shows you have the funds necessary to meet your financial obligations for a specified period of time. This will give you time to get approved.
We are a full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company representing clients worldwide in a broad spectrum of classes, including single-family residential, new development, resort and hospitality, residential leasing, commercial real estate and luxury vacation rental.
Whether you’re interested in becoming a real estate broker, real estate manager or work in the field of property management, it helps having the right education and we specialize in intense training.

What makes us special is that we focus on deals and joint-venturing more than mere education. We undertsand that applied knowledge, rather than pure knowledge, is power


Don’t just take our word for it!

  • My experience has been Great. I can apply for more loans AND refer them to the people I know. We were really pleased with the results, especially because the process was fast.  
    John C.
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